Food Truck Events For Locations

Are you a Florida event location needing foot traffic?

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Book a food truck event with us at your location and see the crowds roll in.

Bring that location back to life!

We organize food truck events all over South Florida and we are specialists in bringing in the crowds. People just love food truck events and they love talking about them on social media. Our 12,000 + Facebook fans really love posting photos and letting their friends and family know how much fun they have at our food truck events. Think of the exposure to your location.

We service Florida locations from Jupiter to Miami.

Here are some examples of locations we have held events at:

  • Malls
  • Parks
  • Rental Communities and Condominiums
  • Hotels – We cater groups from 100 guests up
  • Country Clubs – Add food trucks to your golf tournaments
  • Schools

Contact us for more information about booking a food truck event at your location.