Why You Can Never Get Tire Of Food Trucks

Food truck cuisine and the trucks they’re delivered in vary in so many ways.


Ultimately, food truck fare is influenced by the owner of the food truck.

These people are on a mission.

Using recipes borne of their own background or experimenting with a fusion of cultures, their food is one of a kind.


There are 2 ways location is reflected in food truck cuisine.

  • Geographic – Folks in Philly love their cheese steak. Those in Chicago swear by their deep dish pizza.
  • Specific location – New York is crowded, in terms of people and space. So, people tend to eat in a hurry. Food trucks are parked where commuters can easily find them and eat while standing or just take the food with them.
  • In South Florida, the pace is different. You can find food truck with seating provided and music to relax by.

The trucks are pretty cool to look at too!

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